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About Mussoorie Heritage

Mussoorie Heritage Centre is a social enterprise opened in November 2013, with the objective of showcasing and preserving the Heritage of Mussoorie and the adjoining areas. It archives and displays the historical heritage of Mussoorie from 1814 when the first map of the region was compiled by the Survey of India, till 1959, when HH Dalai Lama built his first colony in Mussoorie. The Centre contains objects that record Mussoorie’s past, be it with grand and glamourous paintings, harmless hair brushes, noisy newspapers, or candid coins. By interacting with these tangible pieces of Mussoorie’s past, we hope you can untangle tangible pieces of the place you’re in, how Mussoorie today is shaped by the legacy of how it was. MHC believes that such interaction with history is vital to comprehend what it means to be a citizen today, in a world that is in flux, pieces of the past scattered through social media and museums. So come and visit, and learn a little more about this small town that has meant and changed so much.
Along with educating on and preserving the historical heritage of Mussoorie, it focuses on helping, promoting and developing the indigenous art in the Mussoorie region by providing the local craftsmen with a sales platform. It aims at bringing the local crafts of Mussoorie and the adjoining region at par with the world market
If you don’t have the pleasure of visiting Mussoorie, this website contains past exhibitions, beautiful products, oral archives, and various ways to be involved. We hope you come to appreciate Mussoorie—the place it was, and the place it is now—as much as we do. If you’re interested in receiving regular updates of what’s happening around here, please sign up for our newsletter.


Mussoorie is a quaint hill station in the foothills of the Himalayas, surrounded on 3 sides by the mighty Himalaya mountain range, and on the Southern side overlooks the Doon Valley and the Siwalik range. Its history as a town begins in 1825 when the first permanent house was built by the then Superintendant of Doon, General Frederick Young. He choose the Landour hill as an optimal location for starting a Convalescent Centre for the British invalid soldiers, which began in 1829.
More development saw the development of Mussoorie township, which by the end of the 19th century was titled the ‘ Queen of Hills’, and was featured as a must visit Tourist destination in the world. Known for its pristine beauty, happening Hotels, Balllrooms, Skating rinks, Cinema, Theatres, Clubs and innumerable fun and frolic destinations.
Today the town has grown manifolds with many migrants settling in and around the town. With the opening of some major Hotel groups, tourism has a new meaning in Mussoorie and landour today.

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