Mussoorie Heritage Centre

Our Stories

As part of local heritage, ethnicity, crafts and cultural richness, we have developed various products for our shop. Some products are exclusively designed, manufactured and marketed by MHC keeping in mind the Natural, Historical and Cultural Heritage of the region. Around 25 SHG’s and NGO’s of Uttarakhand are associated with us, who we provide with a market platform as well as with R&D. We believe in the Sanskrit phrase ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ which means The World is One Family. Hence all our Partners and buyers are part of the MHC Family. Each product at MHC has a story to tell which is described in the description section. 

The owners’ Family has a long history of Woodwork and craft. Since 1920’s a very high end Woodworkshop equipped with European and American tools and machines, catered to the British and Anglo Indian Families of the town. Infact a master relic of the Wood work and engineering is a wooden sliding shop shutter which is still in use. By 1950’s it had a popular nickname ‘The Top Shop’ as wooden tops were churned on the Lathe machine, which at that time was extremely popular with the Woodstock School students. Some alumni still come in search of those old tops.
1960’s – 2000 it had an Antique furniture restoring and manufacturing unit. Many old Families of Northern India boast of having beautiful collectible Furniture pieces from this workshop. 

Since 2015 the highly skilled and trained craftsmen who have worked for over 40 years in the wood workshop, finish and manufacture the Mussoorie Heritage Centre products. We use a lot of reclaimed wood left over at the construction sites. But due to the limited availability and workability of Himalayan woods, we do outsource some of our manufacturing to Saharanpur, which is the largest wooden handicrafts manufacturing region of India, and is at a distance of 100 km from Mussoorie.
Our metal pieces are produced in Dehradun and in the Uttarakhand border regions. The Copper products come from very highly skilled traditional master craftsmen of Kumaon.
Our Paper Products are made from recycled fabric paper, which sadly is not from Uttarakhand. Even the tiniest bit of Paper is put to use at MHC.
For our Fabric Products we mostly use handspun Fabric from units in and around Dehradun.
Our Printing is all done in Dehradun. Hence we keep it as much local as possible, even if it is not cost effective.
Our Fibre Products are all from Uttarakhand. Some of our Pine Needle products are made in Uttarakhand as well in villages bordering with Himachal Pradesh.

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